Now accepting automatic Bank/ACH transfers

  • 1st February 2021
We are excited to announce then availability of our new Automated Payment Plan. Your payments can be made directly from your checking or savings account. Each month your payment will automatically be made. The benefits to you include: No checks to write. No letters to mail. No stamps to pay for. No payments lost in the mail. No cost to ...
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[UPDATE] [RESOLVED - MONITORING] - Network issues - site outages

  • 12th December 2017
We are currently investigating a network outage affecting many sites at the moment.

We will update once resolved

Update - service has been restored.

ZebraHost support
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Phishing Email Attempts

  • 13th September 2017
There have been random phishing attempt emails being sent out to users on hosted email environments. These emails state that the email address has been flagged for suspicious activity and the user is required to click a link to authenticate the account.Please note that these emails are NOT legitimate emails sent by our email hosting service. If ...
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